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Chayse Evans Chayse was so hot in the Stockings scene last week that we decided to extend that scenario. Enter Jack Lawrence, the boyfriend. Now by way of background for this scene, Chayse was mercilessly teasing me all day, saying how much she wanted to get fucked and how long it had been since she'd been pounded. She did a scene with a small-dicked guy for a Japanese production the day before, and that just frustrated her more. From the moment she saw Jack, she started eyeing him like a piece of raw meat. The chemistry between the two was palpable. This girl went berserk, choking herself with her own torn stocking, pleading for Jack's cock, and squirting all over my sheets. She probably came a dozen times. And the most beautiful thing was seeing her face at the end of the scene. She was practically glowing. Gone was the make-up and the goofy expressions she'd been making during the stills. It was replaced by pure, raw, animal satisfaction. Guys, if your girl looks like this after you fuck them, you'll own them for life. Crossdresser posing in beautiful lingerie gelery Man wearing pantie & lingerie gall Some Crossdressers u may like gellery
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Passionate and all very beautiful muscle women pose on cam in hottest sportswear and clothes. Sexy solo crossdressers series More cute myspace crossdressers set Annette Allen Foot Fetish Talk about newcummers. This was only the 4th scene Annette has ever done. Which in the porn business is practically like being a virgin. Annette hails from Denver, Colorado. Although she's adopted, she knows that her father was Native American, which accounts for her olive skin. She was kind of bewildered by the whole foot thing. How anyone could be attracted to her feet boggled her mind. But she took it in stride. Annette is one of those 20-years old going on 50. She's already seen and done and been through a lot in her young life. For example, if you're wondering what those scars on her leg are from, they're from an argument with an old boyfriend that turned physical. Girls this new and inexperienced can sometimes be a pain (if they're camera shy), or can sometimes be an unexpected pleasure. We'll see what happens!
Man wearing pantie & lingerie gal Lou Charmelle Ass Up Giving a Footjob and Cummy Feet Secret agent Evan has been captured and faces a tough interrogation at the hands (and feet) of the French beauty Lou. She has no problem breaking the Geneva Convention by using her size 7.5s on Evan's cock in order to extract the information she needs. When he escapes his bonds, though, the tables are turned and she finds herself on the pointy end of his hot needle of inquiry. This exchange of information (and bodily fluids) between intelligence operatives can only end one way: someone's feet are getting sprayed with semen, and it ain't Agent Stone! Horny Crossdressers gal More hot crossdressers collection
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